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Yunnan Noodle Box

Packaging Design

The Yunnan project consists of a specialty natural ingredient brand and packaging created to hold three different flavours of noodles. The entire design aims to offer a cultural and user-friendly experience to the customers. The artful design is something that people will keep and use even after a long time. It will also let people understand more about minority Chinese culture. Yunnan is a province in southwest China that is rich in natural resources, national minority culture and has the largest diversity of plant life. 

We believe that the colourful and natural feel of this brand is met successfully through the traditional Yunnan culture dresses and the illustration of the ingredients. The key pattern of the headwear not only gives an eye-catching exquisite vibe but also the art of culture behind it. The line art of the three ingredients gives a clear, nature, organic look and helps users easily to distinguish three different flavours. The key elements of the cover on the flyer that goes with the package are the face of an ethnic minority people of Yunnan. The Chinese word “mian 面” has two different meanings behind it. The first meaning is a noodle, and the second meaning is the face.



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