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UI/UX, Product Design, Tattoo Experience

Dot. is a one-stop platform for tattoo lovers looking for tattoo artists, gathering information, booking tattoo appointments, getting new tattoos and building connections. It allows users to connect and chat directly with tattoo artists, help them to find artists that match their desired style, explore unique tattoo inspiration and interact with the tattoo community. By using this platform, users can go through all the steps before deciding, entering tattoo shops, and arranging tattoo appointments. Have a streamlined process of getting tattoos under a smooth, transparent and trustworthy environment!



Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate, Adobe XD


24 Weeks

30+ App screens; 50 pages essay


Fully designed by Yuling Zhang

(Individual Research Project)

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Slide 4_3 - 1.png
Slide 4_3 - 3.png
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