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Me & Friends

Web Design, Future Artifacts

In future artifacts projects, we need to imagine a product, service, or application that will exist in the future. Later, coming up with a way for people to experience the social and commercial implications of that object/service will be 10 years from now, in 2030.

As Paul Bloom says:” Hospitalized patients heal quicker; prisoners get sick less often; spending time with a pet enhances the lives of everyone from autistic children to Alzheimer patients.” There are many people like me who want to have pets. But due to health issues or environmental limits, they cannot safely or practically take care of a live animal companion. That's why I believe we need AI robot pets. Without a tedious caring process, we can enjoy the happiness of having a friend as well as a pet.

Web_Me&Friend_YulingZhang copy.jpg
Web_Me&Friend_YulingZhang copy.jpg
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